Super Summer Theatre Gala

Anything Goes Cast - Super Summer Theatre Gala
The cast of Anything Goes!

Tonight I finished a performance for Super Summer Theatre‘s Gala, an event held each year at Spring Mountain Ranch near Red Rock National Park. The view from stage was beautiful – I had yet to perform at an outdoor venue with these stellar views!

The view from stage at Super Summer Theatre
The view from stage at Super Summer Theatre

This theme’s gala was “Broadway Under The Stars” and featured members from this year’s season as well as Broadway guest artists. We performed a number choreographed by Tony Coppola set to Anything Goes! from the eponymous musical written by Cole Porter. I ┬áhad a great time getting to know more tap dancers in the Las Vegas community and finally had the chance to dance alongside Tony.

Rehearsal for Anything Goes!
Rehearsal for Anything Goes!

 Hoping for more Vegas tapping opportunities to come!

A Park Plaza Wedding

Last Saturday, August 6th, I had the pleasure of playing one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever attended in Los Angeles. My friend Dan asked us to help his two friends, Tobin and Helen Babst, celebrate their love at this stunning venue, The Park Plaza. From the picture below, it’s clear that Tobin and Helen had lots of loved ones there to celebrate their marriage: there were over 300 guests!


The ceremony took place inside the venue where had the opportunity to play some classics, as well as some pieces that we’ve never played, including the first movement of the Tchaikovsky String Quartet No. 1, Bach’s Brandenburg No. 2, and a lesser-known arrangement of the well-known wedding staple Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

The cocktail hour moved outdoors to the patio where we fought to be heard over the outdoor concert happening across the street at MacArthur Park. Luckily, the venue was well-equipped with a Bose sound system to broadcast our rock ballads like Hotel California and Bohemian Rhapsody. Though I was not previously a good friend of Tobin or Helen, they were incredibly gracious and invited us to stay for the rest of their beautiful celebration.


What a fantastic reunion of our quartet, The Guidos (as we playfully call ourselves), named after our Santa Monica Symphony conductor, Guido Lamell, for without joining the symphony a couple years ago, I would have never met these talented musicians.


ERP Boot Camp


I just completed a 10-day boot camp all about ERPs!

Every year at the University of California Davis’ Center for Mind and Brain, ERP experts Steve Luck and Emily Kappenman invite an elite group of graduate students, post-docs, and researchers who are interested in learning more about ERPs, (event-related potentials) to an intensive boot camp. It’s a way of using EEG (electroencephalography) to look at particular brain components and how these generated potentials are related to behavior. I have had experience collecting and processing EEG data, but felt like a needed more education in the interpretation and theory behind ERP research in particular, and this boot camp did just that.

I had a wonderful time meeting new colleagues from across the country and Canada, got some incredible feedback on my future Master’s thesis project from Emily and Steve, and attended lectures given by world-renown scientists, including Steve Hillyard, the father of the SSVEP (steady-state visual evoked potential) technique.

For more information about ERP Boot Camp and resources all about ERP research, check out


It was a rigorous 10 days full of lectures, but I did get a chance to take a day off. I was thrilled to visit my friends Austin and Amanda from my time at UCLA in Napa. We had a great day of wine tasting at Mumm Napa and Nichelini Family Winery.

Feeling inspired to do more EEG research! Onto the next workshop: the NIBS Workshop at USC

It’s up and running!

After many hours of learning how to code in HTML and CSS, I realized that I didn’t really need any of that to create a website here on WordPress. I guess that’s what you get for finding a site that’s super user friendly (and I highly recommend it!)

Displayed on these pages are things about my life that are near and dear to my heart: my research, my music, and my dancing. Check in soon for new posts on this page. I’ll be traveling soon to UC Davis for the ERP Boot Camp and back home for the annual O’Connell family reunion.